No bonfires or barbecues may be held on the allotment gardens

During the Current Covid 19 crisis Government advice is that no bonfires should be lit.

The tenancy agreement also requests that no bonfires are lit on the allotments between 31st March and 30th September.

Due to the anti-social behaviour of a group of tenants, this is also now extended to include barbeques.

The Parish Council does not condone anti-social behaviour.

Any further anti-social behaviour will be reported to the authorities and the tenancy withdrawn with immediate effect.

The Parish Council owns two allotment sites. There is one containing 49 plots in Bray Village, to the rear of the Village Hall car park, and another containing 28 plots adjacent to Gays Lane Field, off Lindores Road in Holyport.

If you would like more information, including current fees then please contact the Parish Clerk. We make a 50% reduction on fees for Senior Citizens on proof of status.

Each year the Parish Council awards a prize to the owner of the Best Kept Allotment and welcomes all new tenants to take part in this friendly competition.