Bray in Bloom 2015

Bray Conservation Area To Be Judged Thursday 23rd July After 12 Noon

The judges for this year’s Regional “Britain in Bloom” competition are set to visit Bray and we want to give them the benefit of a first-hand marvellous impression – with not a bin, scrap of litter or a weed in sight!

We feel sure that village gardens, pots, containers and hanging baskets are already shaping up nicely, but it’s time to put in a little more extra effort and that includes sprucing up everything that’s on show – hedges, fences, climbers and being rigorously tidy.

Join your committee for a communal Litter Pick on Wednesday 22nd July. Meet outside the Village Hall at 6pm and be ready to pick up litter, weed and tidy! Your labours will be rewarded by refreshments at Millwrights, Old Mill Lane from about 7pm (courtesy of Sonia and Geoff Allison). There will be prizes for the Best Hanging Basket, Best Front Garden and Best Pot or Container in the Village, all of which should use the Village colour scheme and link with the theme “Green Spaces”.

Anyone wishing to enter the Village Painting Competition, “PICTURE THIS”, (entry fee £5), should get in touch with Margaret Pierce on 01628 622289 by Friday 10th July for full details.

Remember that the judges may view the outside of your property from the sides, front and back, so please keep those ivy covered walls and hedges trim and tidy. Please ensure that your bins have been put away following the Wednesday bin collection and that the immediate area around your house is completely free of litter and weeds.

The Herb Bed on the Bund, next to the Village Hall car park path, has been replanted thanks to local sponsorship and is looking in top shape.

Bray has always shown abundant enthusiasm and commitment as our past results witness.

Make 2015 another great year – Let’s Win Again!

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