Community Right to Bid

Community Right to Bid – Invitation for Nominations

The Localism Act of 2011 introduced the “Community Right to Bid” and RBWM now have a process in place to manage this Right. The legislation provides Communities with the ability to nominate appropriate local assets and then to be advised if and when these assets are put up for sale. The Community then has up to 6 months to put together a bid to purchase and run these assets.

The Department of Communities and Local Government definition states that “A building or other land should be considered an Asset of Community Value if its actual current use furthers the social wellbeing and interests of the local community”. RBWM defines community facilities as “day care centres for pre-school children and the elderly, schools, hospital and health facilities, churches, public halls, meeting halls, places for public religious worship, libraries, theatres, cinemas, museums, arts centres and Citizens Advice Bureau” and leisure facilities such as “cinema, ten-pin bowling, bowls club, football ground, leisure centre and parks, meeting halls, the heritage centre and places of worship.”

Nominations must be made by an appropriate body and in the case of Bray Parish this is the Parish Council. Note that definitions and examples given above are not exhaustive and that the full criteria definitions and process can be found on the RBWM website at the bottom of the page at

Please help us build a list of possible assets across the Parish by nominating them to or by phone 01628 777997. The Parish Council will review the list, gather the necessary evidence and forward the nomination to RBWM. At the end of this process a list of nominations accepted by RBWM will be maintained on this website.